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my manufacturing

A scene of tens of thousands of meals and tea

While brushing your teeth

The pain of staring blankly in the room

when welcoming someone

A little special space

Of theseIf we could become one


Although it's insignificant

It's like my heart is suddenly taken far away

Aiming for works that thrill people


I am producing it.


Yaita Midori

Born in Hiroshima in 1971. Graduated from Joshibi College of Art and Design in 1995, majoring in ceramics.

In 2002, he established a base in Saitama and began his career as a potter.

He presents his works mainly in exhibitions both domestically and internationally.

Past activities

2023.11    Solo exhibition (Shinjuku Isetan)


2023.11    Special exhibition (Hankyu Nishinomiya)


2023.09    Solo exhibition (Kyoto Okazaki Tsutaya Bookstore)

2023.08    Solo exhibition (Okinawa Nissho)

2023.06    Solo exhibition (Hokkaido Kita no Sumai Sekkei)


2023.05    Special exhibition (Tochigi Mashiko Moegi)


2023.01    Special exhibition (Tochigi Mashiko Moegi)

2022.10    Solo exhibition (Iwate POSTBAKERY)


2022.10    Solo exhibition (Ginza Itoya)


2022.08    Special exhibition (Hankyu Umeda)


2022.06    Solo exhibition (Fukuoka Iwataya)


2022.03    Solo exhibition (Tochigi Mashiko Moegi)


2022.01    Special exhibition (Tochigi Mashiko Moegi)


2021.09    Solo exhibition (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi)


2021.07    Solo exhibition (Taipei AQUORS)


2021.04    Solo exhibition (Shinjuku Isetan)


2021.01    Special exhibition (Tochigi Mashiko Moegi)


2020.11    Special exhibition (Osaka Ipuriku)


2020.11    Solo exhibition (Fukuoka Iwataya)


2020.07    Solo exhibition (Hankyu Umeda)


2020.02    Solo exhibition (Ginza Itoya)


2020.01    Special exhibition (Fukuoka Iwataya)


2019.11    Special exhibition (Daimaru Tokyo)


2019.08    Solo exhibition (Fukuoka Iwataya)


2019.04    Solo exhibition (Shinjuku Isetan)


2018.12    parque special exhibition (Nishikoyama, Tokyo)


2018.08    Solo exhibition (Fukuoka Iwataya)


2018.03    parque special exhibition (Nishikoyama, Tokyo)


2018.02    Solo exhibition (Ginza Itoya)

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